Discover the world of sustainability technology through an internship that prepares you for a future without limitations.

About Us

Dedicated to creating a world where all businesses can benefit from being sustainable and energy efficient, ORkA aims to reduce carbon emissions from manufacturing and commercial real estate by 0.2Gt annually by 2030 by partnering with businesses worldwide. ORkA helps businesses to understand their environmental impact and make informed decisions about how to reduce emissions by combining business metrics, KPIs, and ROIs.

Our Culture

ORkA fully embraces a hybrid working style. We welcome you both in-office as well as remotely over Zoom. We do request that you make sure you have a good connectivity if you are working remotely. We work in micro deliverables and have a very focused Go-To-Market mentality. We love exploring new ideas and concepts.

Internship Programmes

Our internship programmes last between 3 to 6 months and are available in the following areas


Cloud, IoT, Machine Learning, Data Engineering, Microservices


Defining Product Requirements, Concise Documentation, Effective JIRA Usage, Agile Methodologies

Sustainability Engineering

Carbon Footprint, Waste Treatment, Circular Economy, Lifecycle Assessments, Pollution Prevention, Clean Technology


Utilities, Energy Efficient Buildings, Industrial Processes, Operation & Maintenance, Energy Conservation

Marketing And

Audience Segmentation, Campaign Automation, Content Creation, Sentiment Analysis, Facebook/LinkedIn Promotion, Influencer Research

Growth and Partnerships

Run Experiments, A-B Tests, Corporate Outreach, Engagement Campaigns, Surveys, Competitor Analysis

Growth and Partnership
Software Engineering
Product Management
Sustainability Engineering
Energy Audits
Marketing and Branding

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