Reducing energy consumption in buildings has become increasingly critical worldwide. The full operation of a building consumes fossil fuels at the same level as other industries.

ORkA’s solutions are driven to assist commercial real estate to reduce energy consumption and reduce the spend on energy bills.

Reducing EnerGy Costs

For commercial real estate, reducing costs automatically boosts profit. However, reducing the cost of energy spending is difficult. This is because to reduce energy costs, one needs to have the domain expertise and a significant upfront investment that creates barriers at times.

Our business solutions have been designed to make this task simple and easy by offering domain expertise through the app and also covering the upfront cost. Our business model enables covering both the professional and capital aspects of going green for businesses.

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Reducing Operational
Compliance Cost

As Singapore and other nations establish strict and unyielding environmental regulations, the necessity to comply grows. Meeting sustainability regulations, on the other hand, is a complicated process that most commercial real estate/hotels lack knowledge in. Our platform makes it simple to achieve and maintain compliance, as well as to remain on top of evolving environmental regulations. You don't have to hire somebody or understand how to stay in compliance since we do it for you.


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Engineers from ORkA and Engie will devise a strategy to make your business more sustainable and save you money on your energy bill.
ORkA and Engie will recuperate their costs by receiving a portion of the savings from your lower energy bill.
ORkA is an online application that gives insight into your spending and environmental effect, as well as technical expertise, and serves as your "business partner" for all things sustainable

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