Our Vision

ORkA enables a world where businesses, both small and large, can benefit from being sustainable and energy-efficient.

Our vision is to see the world become green and healthy while generating profit for businesses.

Our goal is to unite the earth with human development.

ORkA (pronounced as Or Ke Ya) is a Swedish word which literally means

"to have the energy or force to do something"

Our Mission

ORkA is a corporate-backed technology business founded in 2021 that provides relevant, accessible, data-driven, and independently verifiable solutions for sustainability and impact.

ORkA is determined to reduce carbon emissions in all manufacturing and commercial real estate by 0.2Gt by 2030 by assisting businesses in understanding their environmental effect and making intelligent decisions based on the integration of business measures, KPIs, and ROIs.

Our Team

Asim Qureshi

Chief Executive Officer

Marion Becker

Head of Energy & Sustainability Service

Madhan Dennis

Chief Technology Officer

John Doe

Co Founder

Tim Baker

Marketing Expert

Demi Mason

Social Media Expert

Robert Bozo


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